The Pigeon is the number one urban pest bird, followed by the House Sparrow, then Starlings.

Birds are host to ticks, fleas, and other pests that pass disease on to humans.

AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal can perform complete bird removal from all types of structures and has the techniques, to perform a bird proofing program, for your business or home.

AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal can remove birds from any structure; we also provide decontamination and deodorization as well as full repairs to damaged nesting areas.


Pigeons commonly roost in man-made structures, causing millions of dollars in damage each year. In one year, a single pigeon produces an average 26 pounds of waste. The uric acid in bird droppings can corrode stone, metal and masonry. Their droppings are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungal agents and parasites. When breathed in by humans, fungal spores from bird droppings can case Histoplasmosis, an acute respiratory disease that can be fatal.


Sparrows build their nests in gutters, dryer vents, exhaust vents, ledges, and commercial signs. The damage could be serious enough, since most birds seem to carry parasites, and more importantly can cause an insect infestation to your home.


Starlings enter and build nests in bathroom exhaust vents and dryer vents. Once inside the process to get them removed can be complicated, especially if there are young involved.

Starlings are known for producing a large nest, which cause dryer vents to become clogged. Once the vent is clogged, and without proper ventilation, dryers could break or parasites could enter your home through the vent, such as, lice and bird mites

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